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David Alexander, who goes by TRONIX, found his calling at an early age. TRONIX was raised in Tulare, California with a garage filled with musical instruments and a grandfather who performed in bands throughout the city. TRONIX picked up the drums early on and expanded his musical horizons by learning drums, guitar and piano. He continued perfecting his craft in school music programs and continued his musical education at Cal State University Fresno, where he excelled in the school’s Drumline program and even taught music classes at his former high school.

At 23, TRONIX decided to take his passion for music to the next level by moving to Los Angeles to attend the Los Angeles Recording School in Hollywood, where he met Marc Appelbaum. After graduation, TRONIX took a leap of faith and reached out to esteemed producer Harvey Mason Jr. of The Underdogs, where he granted TRONIX an opportunity and invited him to join The Underdogs production team as a studio engineer intern. Here TRONIX got his first major exposure to the creative process as he learned how to create hit records in the same studio as Chris Brown and Britney Spears. As he gained experience recording and engineering tracks with illustrious songwriters like James Fauntleroy, TRONIX continued to develop and produce his own beats and even dabbled in songwriting.

Today, the production team The Majorz has given TRONIX the platform to showcase his cutting-edge engineering abilities with his love for crafting bold, futuristic style music. TRONIX’s goal is to combine the versatility and emotion of film composers like Hans Zimmer fused with electronic energy and hard-hitting beats inspired by producers like Timbaland and Pharrell. TRONIX understands the passion and power of music and has created a sound that has made the industry take notice.

When TRONIX is not in the studio or creating a new song, you can find him spending time with family and traveling to theme parks and national parks throughout the state. Whether he’s at Sequoia National Park or in the studio, TRONIX is constantly finding new inspiration and creating the type of innovative music that will soon make him a household name.






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