John Whitt Jr.

// Los Angeles, CA



There’s nothing junior about John Whitt Jr.’s musical talent and drive for success.Whitt Jr. was inspired at a young age by listening to his father and uncle creating music in his hometown of Tulare, California. As soon as he could hold a drumstick, WhittJr. began playing drums and then moved on to the trumpet and keyboard. The keyboard soon became his main instrument, and Whitt spent every free moment practicing and playing for audiences throughout his hometown.

Whitt Jr. left his hometown at 18 for Berklee College of Music to pursue his dream of playing music professionally. Berklee opened numerous doors for Whitt Jr., with an invitation to hone his skills playing with drummer Margis Miles, known for his work with Nas. Whitt Jr.’s first professional gig after graduating was performing with a Michael Jackson tribute tour, where he mastered playing Jackson’s iconic music night after night. His professionalism and talent on that tour lead to his next gig with famous R&B singer Miguel.

As Whitt continued to evolve as a musician, he was given one of the most challenging tasks of his career. Called to close out a tour with Kendrick Lamar in Canada, Whitt succeeded despite having had no rehearsals or sound checks before the performances—and having to play music that had changed since the beginning of the tour! Whitt’s ability to own those performances landed him a spot playing regularly for Lamar a few months later.

In addition to his work with other artists, Whitt is a keyboardist and songwriter for the production group The Majorz. Whitt’s goal is to breathe life into an industry that he feels is lacking the timeless records that defined other eras. His goal is to create music that not only tops the charts now but also lives beyond his lifetime.

In addition to Whitt’s work in R&B, dance and hip-hop, he flexes his creative muscles as a composer for television, film and video games. In his free time, he enjoys cooking and spending quality time with the friends and family that continue to inspire him on a daily basis. With Whitt’s drive, passion and raw talent, it’s only a matter of time before he becomes one of the artists that future generations will look back on as an inspiration.




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